Well, for all o…

Well, for all of you people out there that actually think Denver matters, and that Oakland actually has a chance to compete, the Kansas City Chiefs are now the team to beat in the AFC West! Andy Reid and John Dorsey have built a team that will run and pass all over Denver, and keep Peyton Manning on his butt for most of the game. It’s hard to win when you are looking up at the scoreboard from the sidelines, and looking up at the sky on your back when on offense. You invested too much in an aging quarterback, and hurt the rest of your team in doing so, and had to lose your best defensive players because you could not afford them under the cap. This is the start of a KC Chief Powerhouse, that has no weakness, and young at most positions! And Oakland is just plain terrible, and will battle the old and slow San Diego in the basement of the AFC West!


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